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Buy Lean syrup online, also known as purple drank, sizzurp, barre, and Texas tea, is a mixture of cough syrup, soda, hard candy, and sometimes alcohol.

Lean syrup, also known as purple drank, sizzurp, or syrup, is a recreational drug concoction that gained popularity in hip-hop culture and among young people in the United States. This potent mixture typically consists of prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine, mixed with soft drinks and often flavored with candy for taste. Despite its appealing flavor and association with celebrity culture, lean syrup poses serious health risks and has been linked to numerous overdose deaths and addiction issues.

History and Origins

The origins of lean syrup can be traced back to the Houston, Texas hip-hop scene in the 1990s, where it was popularized by artists such as DJ Screw and the group Three 6 Mafia. Originally, lean syrup was made using over-the-counter cough syrups containing codeine and promethazine, mixed with soda and flavored with Jolly Rancher candies. Over time, the trend spread across the United States, fueled by the glamorization of drug use in music and popular culture.

Ingredients and Composition

The primary ingredients in lean syrup are prescription-strength cough syrups containing codeine, a powerful opioid pain reliever, and promethazine, an antihistamine with sedative properties. These medications are typically prescribed to treat coughs and upper respiratory symptoms but are often misused for their euphoric effects when consumed in large quantities. When mixed with soda and other sugary beverages, lean syrup creates a sweet, colorful concoction that is appealing to young people.

Effects and Risks

The effects of lean syrup can vary depending on the individual’s tolerance, the dosage consumed, and the presence of other substances. Common effects include euphoria, relaxation, and sedation, similar to other opioid drugs. However, lean syrup can also cause dizziness, confusion, respiratory depression, and even overdose in severe cases. Prolonged use of lean syrup can lead to physical dependence, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation.

Popularity and Culture

Despite its risks, lean syrup remains popular among young people, particularly in urban communities and within the hip-hop music scene. The drug is often glamorized in music videos, lyrics, and social media posts, contributing to its widespread use and normalization among adolescents and young adults. However, increased awareness of the dangers of lean syrup and efforts to promote substance abuse prevention have led to some decline in its popularity in recent years.

Legal Status

The ingredients found in lean syrup, including codeine and promethazine, are classified as controlled substances in many countries, including the United States. Possession, distribution, and misuse of these medications without a valid prescription are illegal and punishable by law. Despite regulatory efforts to restrict access to these drugs, lean syrup continues to be abused recreationally, leading to numerous legal and public health concerns.

Controversies and Concerns

The widespread use of lean syrup has sparked considerable controversy and concern among health professionals, policymakers, and community leaders. The drug’s association with hip-hop culture, its glamorization in popular media, and its accessibility to young people have raised alarm bells about its impact on public health and safety. Efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of lean syrup and promote healthier alternatives to substance use are ongoing.

Treatment and Recovery

For individuals struggling with addiction to lean syrup or other substances, seeking professional treatment and support is essential for recovery. Treatment options may include detoxification, counseling, behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and support groups. With the right resources and support network, individuals can overcome addiction and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives free from substance abuse.


Lean syrup, also known as purple drank or syrup, is a potent and dangerous recreational drug that poses serious health risks to users. Despite its popularity in hip-hop culture and among young people, lean syrup can lead to addiction, overdose, and other adverse effects. It is crucial for individuals to understand the risks associated with lean syrup and seek help if they or someone they know is struggling with substance abuse. By raising awareness, promoting prevention efforts, and providing support to those in need, we can work together to address the harmful impact of lean syrup on individuals and communities.